Volunteerism vs Jobs…the problem of Obama’s new plan to help people pay for their college education

There has been a lot of talk from Obama and the new administration about making some form of service mandatory for all the youth of the nation. While this may sound like a good idea in theory it is pure folly to think that it would actually end up benefiting society.

First of all there is the problem with compulsory volunteerism…its not volunteerism at all and also is a sure fire way to end up with bad work. This is because the people who do not want to be doing the work in the first place will do as little as possible. Secondly it is confusing volunteerism with a job.

The idea is that if people volunteer, for a year or two years or whatever it may be, that then they can go to college for free. This is a great idea, people who serve in the military or the peace corps deserve free education and these grants could be extended to those who do other work as well. However this is a job not a volunteerism project. People working for monetary gain is the definition of job.

More importantly is that should the government try to make this mandatory for all the economic strain would be so great from paying for millions upon millions of people’s college education that we could end up in worse economic shape than we are now. This program is absurd and should be shot down before it even takes off…


~ by perfecthorizon on March 2, 2009.

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