Come one, Come all..

Some random musings on the stimulus package:

After watching President Obama’s first address to congress in which he focused mostly on the stimulus package/recovery package I have a few thoughts that I feel should be addressed.
The big problem with the stimulus package is that it is a stimulus package…and by this I mean it is a government initiative that will be bogged down with red tape and infinite snags that will in all likeliness render it useless.
The package focuses mostly on job creation. While this may be a good thing in theory, it will be a struggle to get the government to create jobs, especially the types of jobs that are supposed to be created through this program. Green jobs, while important and necessary, it is not the time to create high cost, high risk jobs that will be difficult to maintain.
Basically this job creation bill will probably make a short term jolt that people will see as an improvement but unless the supposed “strict oversight” is actually carried out this bill will eventually just be a fizzled out attempt at dumping a trillion dollars into the economy to try and fix it. This sort of jolt is not the appropriate action, the economy needs a slower and more stable stimulus to truly recover over time (it takes time to fix a major injury). The government is simply not capable of saving the economy overnight.
This is a situation that America has not ever experienced in the past, and the rushed attitude of the stimulus package is more or less a political move by President Obama to please the people rather than a rational thought out plan that will lead to sustainable development and increased economic stability.


~ by perfecthorizon on January 1, 2009.

One Response to “Come one, Come all..”

  1. There are some really good points in this blog. Many Americans are concerned with the economy and spending half a million on “condom advertising” will not stimulate anything but a horny teen.

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