Its about time!!!

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Richard Falk is perhaps the most inteligent person I have ever heard of. He is, and this may be hard to believe, CRITICIZING Israel and I say it is about time. Israel is a bully and thinks that they have the right to force people who have lived on those lands for ages out because the British said it was ok and because more recently the United States rams its head up Israel’s rear-end. All these diplomats talk about wanting peace between the Arab states and Israel, however refuse to see that it is in fact Israel that is causing the problems. They try to blame insurgency but in reality Israel has one of the most sophisticated armed forces in the world competing against developing nations. Thankfully there is Richard Falk to speak up for the the Palestinians and not just “fall in line” with the Israeli loving world.

Israel has a serious Napoleon complex. It is time for the United States to end its incessant need to worship Israel and step up to the plate to see to it that Israel is punished severely for the myriad of insidious war-crimes that it has committed over the past 61 years.


Brother Ali: The Undisputed Truth

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Brother Ali’s “The Undisputed Truth” is one of, if not the, best album to come out of the Rhymesayers camp since Atmosphere released the “Life Gives you Lemons” album. The album is produced by Ant and production is amazing. The beats are incredibly well made and the flow of the songs is well fit into the tracks. Like almost all of the Rhymesayers artists Brother Ali is amazing lyrically. The album covers numerous topics, mostly political, in an incredibly articulate fashion. Mixed in with biting lyrics and spectacular wit is a deep message about the issues facing the world today. Its a perfect mix of old style underground rap and just the right sprinkling of controversy.

Top Favorite Tracks:
Uncle Sam Goddamn
The Truth Is
Freedom Ain’t Free

Volunteerism vs Jobs…the problem of Obama’s new plan to help people pay for their college education

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There has been a lot of talk from Obama and the new administration about making some form of service mandatory for all the youth of the nation. While this may sound like a good idea in theory it is pure folly to think that it would actually end up benefiting society.

First of all there is the problem with compulsory volunteerism…its not volunteerism at all and also is a sure fire way to end up with bad work. This is because the people who do not want to be doing the work in the first place will do as little as possible. Secondly it is confusing volunteerism with a job.

The idea is that if people volunteer, for a year or two years or whatever it may be, that then they can go to college for free. This is a great idea, people who serve in the military or the peace corps deserve free education and these grants could be extended to those who do other work as well. However this is a job not a volunteerism project. People working for monetary gain is the definition of job.

More importantly is that should the government try to make this mandatory for all the economic strain would be so great from paying for millions upon millions of people’s college education that we could end up in worse economic shape than we are now. This program is absurd and should be shot down before it even takes off…

Come one, Come all..

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Some random musings on the stimulus package:

After watching President Obama’s first address to congress in which he focused mostly on the stimulus package/recovery package I have a few thoughts that I feel should be addressed.
The big problem with the stimulus package is that it is a stimulus package…and by this I mean it is a government initiative that will be bogged down with red tape and infinite snags that will in all likeliness render it useless.
The package focuses mostly on job creation. While this may be a good thing in theory, it will be a struggle to get the government to create jobs, especially the types of jobs that are supposed to be created through this program. Green jobs, while important and necessary, it is not the time to create high cost, high risk jobs that will be difficult to maintain.
Basically this job creation bill will probably make a short term jolt that people will see as an improvement but unless the supposed “strict oversight” is actually carried out this bill will eventually just be a fizzled out attempt at dumping a trillion dollars into the economy to try and fix it. This sort of jolt is not the appropriate action, the economy needs a slower and more stable stimulus to truly recover over time (it takes time to fix a major injury). The government is simply not capable of saving the economy overnight.
This is a situation that America has not ever experienced in the past, and the rushed attitude of the stimulus package is more or less a political move by President Obama to please the people rather than a rational thought out plan that will lead to sustainable development and increased economic stability.